P-Life has been extensively tested to ensure that the functions correctly .The SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden (“SP”) performed SP Method SPCR 141 Appendix 4 “Polymeric Waste degradable by abiotic and subsequent biological degradation (A + B Degradation)- Requirements and test Methods.” SP concluded that the test material (LDPE film containing P-Life ) fulfills all the requirements of SPCR 141 appendix 4, which is in accordance with ASTM D6954.

P-Life is the only oxo-biodegradable additive in the world to have passed this test and is the only product of its kind to unequivocally prove 100% biodegradation.

P-Life successfully passed Tier 1,2 and 3 testing

​Tier 1 - Biodegradability reaches 91% within 24 months in soil and still increasing.

Tier 2 - Biodegradability is > 60% after 607 days in soil and still increasing.

Tier 3 - Germination and biomass is ≥ 90% for all plants compared to controls.






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